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Installing free theme

Installing free theme

Hello Friends,

I am new to Magento, I downloaded a free theme yesterday and tried installing the theme to my hosting server.  And error 500 occurred wile navigating to my site so I uninstalled whole site and installed again then also problem continues. Kindly tell me how to install it.

this is the theme

tried installing it here  target site

As it is a free theme I cant get support anywhere and I want to fix this asap.

Please advise I am using 1.9 version



Re: Installing free theme

Couple of things to note:  


1- If you are setting up a new website then you should consider using Magento v2 as Magento will not support Magento V2 after November 2018. 

2- Since you have installed the theme, can you make sure that you apply the right permissions to the directory? All directories should be 755 and files 644 or 664. 

3- Check your htaccess file for any possible issues

4- Check Magento and server logs to identify the problem


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Re: Installing free theme

Probably the theme you are using is broken, I suggest to try one of the following free Magento 1.9 theme

Hope this helps

Re: Installing free theme

Hi @ShoaibRehman89,


Can I confirm this is support for 1 that is ceasing and not 2?? As I would imagine they would continue to support 2 for a while.