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Local theme custimization is not picked up by one module

Local theme custimization is not picked up by one module


I'm using CE with Delta Theme.

I have a requirement to change the way that the navigation is presented and so I made changes to several template modules and styles.css. I also added 1 new Javascript module. I created a child theme (deltalocal) and copied all the updated files to their appropriate directories in the local theme. I created local.xml to add in the new .js file. This all works perfectly and the new and changed modules are being picked up by all pages - except one. The exception is the product view page (catalog/product/view.phtml)  which refuses to pick up the local theme at all and always falls back to the parent theme. The module in question is catalog/product/view.phtml . Does anybody recognise this issue? I have been struggling for some days with it.  I have tried disabling cache, refreshing cache and manually deleteing the cache files. If I cheat and manually update the layout/catalog.xml file the new .js is picked up, but I am anxious to avoid doing this if possible. I am fairly new to Magento and have probably forgotten to do something basic and this has got me beaten!

Many thanks for your help and suggestions.