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Location of Quick View template

Location of Quick View template

I am using Athlete Package in Magento I would like to know the location of template of **Quick View** button which I get when I hover mouse on any Product.

I can use Template Path Hints. But I can see Quick View button when I hover the mouse on any product. That's why I could not find out the template location of Quick View button.





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Re: Location of Quick View template

Hi @foysal


Quick View button might be append by js. If you wants to know all template file of the module please open find the layout.xml file in frontend/base/layout or in your theme package. In layout.xml you will find all the template phtml files.


Let me know if it helps. 

Let me know if it helps. You can raise a KUDOS if its really worth for you. Also if it solves your problem then please mark as SOLUTION.