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Looking for a theme similar to one I mentioned


Looking for a theme similar to one I mentioned


I am new to Magento. 

I am looking for theme similar to

The site has Magento CMS.

I also need the shop should shows variation of good to select and price in front of the page instead going to each product.

Also, which Magento version I should prefer, 2 or 1.9?

Looking forward to hear from the forum.




Re: Looking for a theme similar to one I mentioned

Hi @rajkedari,



That seems to be a very unique theme, I don't think there is a similar theme to purchase.


Regarding your question related to Magento 1 vs Magento 2, you should consider that Magento 1 will be supported for 3 years more.


You should definitely choose Magento 2, which has been released more than a year ago and it's being improved in every update.


Finally, if you choose Magento 2, then you will have upgrades/updates in the long term, including bugfixes and security patches.



Best regards.

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Re: Looking for a theme similar to one I mentioned

Thank you Gabriel.

I start learning Magento 2.

I found a similar theme from themeforest. But they have changed a lot.

Do you know any extension or plugin which they have used to show the item variation, quantity and buy button in each product of multi products layout page? For example, I have attached the images with the redbox showing the options to choose the variation attribute, wishlist, quantity and add to cart button.

I came across a quickview button, but the plugin is not effective in case of mobile and phones like iPhones.
veggies variation.png


Looking forward to hear from you.