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Magento Category listing images

Magento Category listing images

Hi guys, im currently using a sub category view on parent category listings that includes images.


I've recently moved server and since the move, all sub category listings show the same category, rather than the current category, i moved from 1.9.1 (i think) to 1.9.2.

The category listings all show what ever the last category you were looking at.


For example, if you viewed Category A then went to category C, it would change the title, the description but all sub categories would remain the same as Category A


Not sure where to start looking or the differences in code from the versions, any help would be great!

Many thanks,


Re: Magento Category listing images

@RabbitSC2 Strange behavior..  Well without looking your site its bit difficult to assume the issue.


Although, have you checked backend ? I mean it would look same as frontend Or show correctly.. If so then reindex and clear cache and check again.


Are you using any extension for category listing ?

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Re: Magento Category listing images

Hi! Thanks for the reply,


I DONT THINK the site is using a module for this, but i am aware of where the code is etc, having a look over it, it all seems to "look" ok.


I've cleared all caches still to no avail.


Id share a link but its currently on a test server, if you want to view it, modify your hosts file as follows :
Appreciate any other suggestions you may have!
Many thanks! Smiley Very Happy