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Microsoft Edge styling problem

Microsoft Edge styling problem



I have a very weird problem regarding the Microsoft Edge browser.


I am using the IWD One Page Checkout extension, and the default styling is blue buttons, etc.


I changed the styling to fit the theme and colors of my site. It looks perfect in Chrome and Firefox, but in Edge, the changes are not made for some strange reason.


I have emptied the magento cache + cleared the cache in both Edge and Chrome browsers. It still doesn't work.


I have even downloaded the entire store files from ftp to my computer, and then searched ALL the code for the blue button color code, using Notepad++ search in files function. It is simply not there, so where the Edge browser gets the styling from is a mystery to me.


Here's how it looks in Chrome:


And here is how it looks in Edge:


Again, I have cleared ALL caches in both magento and browsers several times.


Thanks in advance Smiley Happy


Re: Microsoft Edge styling problem

No one who can help?