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No stying in description

No stying in description

So with Magento you have the WYSIWYG editor and from that you can add in bullet points, underlines etc but when i do this and then save what i have done and look on the live page of that product there is none of that styling?


Is there something that needs to be enabled? or changed?


Re: No stying in description

Under System -> Configuration -> Content Management, "Enable WYSIWYG Editor" choose "Disable by Default".


you only need to change the 'label' of content field in form.php file


so your description field looks like

$fieldset->addField('content', 'editor', array(
   'name' => 'content',
   'label' => Mage::helper('videoblog')->__('Description'),
   'title' => Mage::helper('videoblog')->__('Description'),
   'style' => 'width:500px; height:200px;',
   'config'    => Mage::getSingleton('cms/wysiwyg_config')->getConfig(),
   'wysiwyg' => true,
   'required' => true,


even though if you dont want to used the field of content then you can create new field in database using below script.


create script mysql4-upgrade-0.1.0-0.1.1.php //if your module version 0.1.0 (to 0.1.1 update version in script file)


$installer = $this;


ALTER TABLE {$this->getTable('video')} ADD   description varchar(255) NULL ;




open your etc/config.xml and change the version to 0.1.1 save file.


hope this help


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