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One-product landing page with one-page checkout.

One-product landing page with one-page checkout.

Hi guys!


I am new to Magento (so far always used wordpress and shopify) so I would love to learn more on how to optimise the platform!


Currently I need some advice on the best way to set up a one product landing page directing to a one page checkout for an offer that we will do ourself but also push through affiliate networks. 

So I would need advise on the following... 

1. I prefer to work with a visual editor, so I can optimise everything on the page myself. I know standard in Magento is the wysiwyg editor. Is this sufficient?
2. I need a process with a small contact form on the front page before submitting the order, directing to a one page checkout. This to optimise data collection to use for email marketing purposes.
3. I see there are tons of themes, but which one is the best in line with my goal. 
4. Any tools or plugins you can advice to reach this goal, most welcome. 


Thanks a lot! Looking forward to start using Magento more in the future. 






Re: One-product landing page with one-page checkout.

Hi, welcome to the wonderful world of Magento. 


I would ask why you would move away wordpress and shopify for this one? Magento's a complex and feature rich ecommerce platform and sounds like it would be overkill for what you need.


More specifically to your questions


1) Magento's CMS wysiwyg leaves plenty to desire so you're probably not going to find it as easy to create what you want as you might have been able to in Shopify and Wordpress.  


2) Having a small contact form during the order process is probably going to be custom development work with someone experienced with Magento 2.  It doesn't sound like functionality you're going to find from an extension that's already out there in the marketplace.


3) Sorry, i don't have any experience with purchased themes to comment here

4) One step checkout is probably the most well known third party checkout extension should you not be satisfied with the built in one:

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Re: One-product landing page with one-page checkout.

Hi Tom,


Thanks a lot for your reply. The reason is very simple, Shopify is not supporting the payment gateways that we need to use. It is one of the major issues I have with Shopify for many years already.


Now we can build our external payment gateway, but I believe the customisation exceeds the effort that we need to do to build the process I mentioned here. On top of that we are looking to have specific payment gateways for each GEO, so that would multiply that work.  


Noted for the other points!