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Problems with the image magnifier

Problems with the image magnifier

Is anyone else having problems with the image magnifier script? It appears that the link to the source is no longer connecting. This is the script that magnifies a section of an image when you mouse-over. We use it on several websites on different servers and they all went down at the same time. Looks really ugly.

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Re: Problems with the image magnifier



Have you facing this issue with magentos default theme or under your custom theme.

Re: Problems with the image magnifier

They were custom themes. It broke on several Magento sites on different
shared servers that were all working fine and were under no update,
additions or anything happening to them at the time. It appears that the
magnifier and the carousel scripts both stopped working instead of an image
you can mouse-over, they became two fixed images.

Thanks for your help.

Re: Problems with the image magnifier

Since I don't have anything to work on, I can shoot for the hip: maybe it's because you're using some external script that has been since either removed or updated.

Tanel Raja

Re: Problems with the image magnifier

Sorry, you are right I needed to give you more information. Here is the
element that is no longer working:

Here is the page url:

Here is the CSS:




There are two different image functions that are not working. The other is a
gallery carousel - the images towards the bottom of the same page.

Thanks for any help.