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Product Layout HELP


Product Layout HELP

I cant seem to figure out why the products start a configuration of 4 x1 x4 x1.

Please help!!

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Re: Product Layout HELP

Hi @DVriesman,


It looks like you have a responsive CSS issue on your hands.


Your product rows are 5 across, so 100% / 5 = 20%


Each of your products have a width of 18% + a margin of 2% + a padding of 2% + border of 1px = 22% +1px


This is what happens if you take the padding off and reduce the width to 17%:

17% + a margin of 2% + border of 1px = 19% +1px

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 12.42.23.png


I hope my explanation makes sense and helps you come up with the best option for your site!



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