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Product Price in product page

Product Price in product page


Suddenly my product prices is gone from my product page.
How can I fix this again? I have Porto Theme installed

Sorry, but I am new to Magento.





Re: Product Price in product page

Hi @Torbencl,


There are several things you could check.


First, enable the Magento logs to see if there is some issue with the code. You'll find this option here:


Área de trabajo 1_001.pngEnable Magento's logs

Check if the product has stock (maybe that theme is hidden some data or block).

Also, since the theme is paid maybe you should ask for support.


What's happdning if you change your theme to RWD (the default theme of Magento 1.9.x)? The problem is still happening?



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Re: Product Price in product page

The product is in stock and price is showing on catagory page - but not in product page.
I can see, that I miss default price block in productpage. I only got "Tierprice" block




I can do Tier Price - but no standard price showing.

I think I need som sort of standard Price block at the page.