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Question about menu

Question about menu


I was wondering if there is a add on in magento that can get me the same menu as the picture or is it easy to change a standard dropdown to this?



Re: Question about menu

Hi @Senking_no, You could restyle the layered navigation to do that. If you prefer an extension you can take a look at these to find one that meets your needs:


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Re: Question about menu

Hi @sherrie

I have looked at almoste eveything i can find and there is no extension that provides this type of menu?


I am looking for a way to have a drop down menu on my category pages..
If my customer picks the category "Suspension" then they can with drop down menu pick: What type of suspension -> Car brand -> Modell of car->  Chassie.


But i need it to work on different categories with different subcategories aswell.


Heres a mock up to show the general idea.


Re: Question about menu

I found a add on that might do the job. "Category Dynamic Dependent Dropdown" from Nextbits. But the installation is a real pain.

I have followed the guide step by step and still it will not work.


Is there anyone here that could help me out?