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RSS Feed Review Notifications

RSS Feed Review Notifications

There is very little documentation on the stock Magento RSS feed options.


I would like to review the layout of the "Review Notifications" under Catalog to see if it is compatible with Google's Merchant Center Product Reviews Feed format.  I'm having a bit of trouble even turning it on.  I've selected "Enable RSS Config" and "Review Notification".  I created a few new reviews and there still isn't any new feeds displayed.

What is the "Review Notifications" feed and how does it work?


Re: RSS Feed Review Notifications

In your question, you mentioned that you got a bit of trouble selecting "Enable RSS Config" and "Review Notification" and there weren't any new feeds. To my perspective, the best way to deal with this problem is RSS FEED READER FOR MAGENTO

Let me show you some benefits you gain if you install this module:

  • Supporting RSS and Atom feeds
  • Drag n Drop features
  • Show Number Items On Different Devices
  • Widget Support- Place it anywhere in your website
  • Work with a Wordpress blog & other systems
  • Feed URL
  • Feed Title/ Pretext
  • Post Setting ( Title, Image, Link, Date)
  • RTL Support