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Remove block from custom layout added by local.xml

Remove block from custom layout added by local.xml

Dear All,


I have created some custom layouts, each layout is basically based on if there should be a right hand side bar or not. My layouts are working perfectly except one issue.


in app/design/frontent/theme/template/layout/local.xml



             <reference name="root">

                    <action method="setTemplate">




           <reference name="content">

                   <block type="my_block_name" before=""></block>




This block is prepending a block "my_block_name".


I want to override this. so that if say, I select my custom layout  "full width - No block " for product category page, It must skip my_block_name. if I select layout "right side - with block" it must prepend the block.


Please tell me how can I achieve this. It's very urgent. 


FYI: this problem i am facing with enterprise edition. I guess this wil be case with community edition too. So, If I you suggest solution, I can try that with EE and see if that works.


Thanks in advance, Please hurry, Its critical.


Thanks again

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