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Responsive theme Ma-gemini

Responsive theme Ma-gemini

We purchased this ma-gemini theme from and it works great, however we don’t like the responsiveness on mobiles. Our customer feedback has highlighted the following issues when using the site on a mobile device both smartphones and tablets

  • If there is more than 1 or 2 items in the left column cms static block it takes too much scrolling down the page to get to the products, by then they have lost interest and moved on to a competitors site
  • The Product boxes and pictures are far too big especially on a tablet, to the point where the pictures are far too big and become blurred on the bigger devices, feedback tells us this is putting potential customers off by making the mobile version look very unprofessional.

We are very happy with the desktop version but are currently running with no sliders enabled apart from featured products just so the mobile version looks a little better. When you consider that our feedback suggests current trend is more users use mobile devices then it becomes a major problem for our business, this means our mobile version of the site needs to be more than merely passable.

Can you tell us if there is any way to shrink the product boxes and pictures down, or my preferred solution would be to disable the responsiveness so the mobile version is exactly the same as the desktop version, is there a way to do this? If so could you supply me precise instructions and guides.

Our website is if you take a look you should be able to see the issues


Many thanks