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Shop By Layered Navigation on Category Pages

Shop By Layered Navigation on Category Pages

Our current product offering has roughly 70 configurable items with 500 or so simple products assigned to them. On the homepage we show a mix of configurable products as well as individual simple products that may be on sale (specific colors etc)  As such, we have both simple and configurable products visibility set to "catalog,search"  


The issue is we only wish to ONLY show the configurable products on the category pages, yet keep the "shop by" layered navigation. This doesn't seem possible out of the box (magento 1.9.1)


Background: Our categories are layered in a primary category that holds the configurable products, and a sub category that holds the simple products for said primary. As such, setting the category anchor to 'no' only shows the configurable products (desired) in the category page - but removes the 'shop by' layered attribute navigation. And opposite: Setting the primary category anchor to 'yes' shows the layered navigation, BUT shows both the configurable products, followed by all the simple products that belong to the configurable (NOT desired)


My question is, how can I ONLY show configurable products in the category pages, and keep the layered navigation with product attributes while leaving simple products set to 'visible, catalog' so they still appear on the homepage for sale items etc.   Very New to Magento, so if you can be explicit as possible as to what files to modify, where, and with example text it'd be greatly appreciated!