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Hello all, I am new to magento, my customer have a dev site they are working on and I am coming along on their project, they have a current slider installed.


I am trying to figure out where can you find the slider that are installed on magento? your help would be appreciated, the slider show on the home page bellow the drop menu.


Re: Slider

Your home page should reference your slider.


If you go to cms->pages->home


then click on your design and/or your XML you should see your slider referenced there.


If it is a custom slider it is possible it is being added via its own layout file. You should be able to find a slider program on your main navigation or by going to system->config->

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Re: Slider

I was able to figure out where the slider is installed and can edit, it is owl-carousel, but I'm trying to learn as you say if is in the xml file, i cant find that file, also if my theme uses owl carousel, i guess i need to ftp login to update the slider css? or can you do this via admin?


Your help and tips are appreciated.

Re: Slider

Hello raws4581,


There is a mini tutorial about Owl Carousel for Magento. You should read:


If you want to find this block in XML, I think you should read:


And find in your static blocks: CMS > Static Blocks 


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Re: Slider

Are there any other sliders that you can install on magento that are responsive and have a visual interface like revolution slider wordpress version? I am new at magento and finding out that is all html code with these slider, like there is no slider that have a visual interface to upload your images, etc


your help would be appreciated


Re: Slider