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Some bugs and issues with accessshop lite layout

Some bugs and issues with accessshop lite layout


I am getting ready to start from scratch but I had trouble installing Magento 2.0 through  FTP and I want to save what I have as I have spend hours uploading products to this site.

I have had a little trouble customizing the slider (and some other banners but I can sort that as I go), however the main features of the website are the related/up-sells and other products are not displaying. Such as: - I allocated products to this product while adding it to the catalogue.

Other times, on the same site the "related products" are being overlapped by the "compare" module on the same page.

Will upgrading the template fix this or have I done something wrong?

Either way, it is not working as it is supposed to and will need to be replaced unless I can fix these issues.