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Stock show up twice, why?

Stock show up twice, why?



I'm having a problem with my configureable products. If I click on the configureable product, without selecting the "version" i want to buy, will it show me "In Stock" which is fine, but when I select the wanted product from the drop down will it now show "Availability: In stock In stock", How do I fix it so it wont show "In Stock" twice?


Take a look at the two screen dumps to see what I mean,


Sorry for my bad english.


"In stock" shows if nothing is selected:


"In Stock In Stock" shows when i select the attribute:


Thank you in advance :-)


Re: Stock show up twice, why?

Perhaps you need to check the view-source file:

There, around line 660, you'll find the method called setStockStatus. This method can be used to edit the Availability block.

By the way, if you check the default Magento with the RWD theme, you will find the same bug. However, the label tag isn't displayed in its styles, despite the fact that it has the right default meaning. 

1) This is how it looks when the page loads:

2) And this is after the option is selected:

Perhaps, you should try to hide it (display: noneSmiley Wink or rewrite the code. It's up to you to decide how to implement it at the end instead of this:'span').invoke('update', Translator.translate('In Stock'));

you should get:‘span.value').invoke('update', Translator.translate('In Stock'));

 By analogy, you should do that for Out of Stock products.

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Re: Stock show up twice, why?

Thank you so much for your answer, I'm trying to implement the code you wrote "(dislpay: noneSmiley Happy But I don't know where to place it, and it doesn't work for me :-( 


I'm still a newbie to this, sorry...


Can you tell me where to place it?

Re: Stock show up twice, why?

Just add the code below in any active css file used in your theme: 


.availability .label {
    display: none;


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