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Tool Tip on Custom Option

Tool Tip on Custom Option

I would like to add a Tooltip on a custom option. For instance, we offer an extended warranty on a drop down menu. I would like to have the Title be Extended Warranty with an information icon that you can hover over that will pop out an informational tool tip. I would like to add the text in for the hover tooltip in the admin area.


Anyone want to tackle it? I think this would make a good extension and I would be more than happy to be a guniea pig and even pay for a liscense. 




Re: lol



That little piece of javascript will to the tooltip, BUT, the custom options are DYNAMIC, meaning it is not that simple. 


I need to add into the ADMIN of the CUSTOM OPTION an area to add the tooltip description, and then figure out the template where to pull the info and add it, and the dynamic content lost me. If this was something that was static, sure... easy as pie.