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Top of page ribbon


Top of page ribbon

Hi All,


I want to add a ribbon to the very top of our page announcing something like "Free Shipping over $50". See here: or for an example. I'm having a brain fart and I can't even remember what this is called!


1) Does anyone know of any extension to do this?


2) Can someone tell me what this is called again? 


Thanks in advance


Re: Top of page ribbon

You can use widget to do this.


1. Create a static block: CMS -> Static Blocks -> create a new static block

2. Then, create a widget: CMS -> Widgets -> Create a new widget. In this widget, we need to do some configurations:

 +Frontend Properties tab -> Layout Updates:  

      a) Display on => All Page,

      b) Block Reference => Page Top <= This indicates where your static block is shown.

 +Widget Options tab : Choose your static block which has just created above.


3. Clear cache. Refresh your site.


Hope this works for you.

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Re: Top of page ribbon

Worked perfect- you're awesome!!!