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Translate checkout

Translate checkout



How can i translate my magentos checkout:

firstname / lastname and prefix?


thank you

kind regards


Re: Translate checkout

Hi @mustermann7,


Normally you'll  find a directory like this one:



Also, there will be as many locales as you want/have. For example, you could have:



Into those directories you'll find several csv. Let's see the Mage_Checkout.csv file.


"%s was added to your shopping cart.","%s was added to your shopping cart."
"%s was updated in your shopping cart.","%s was updated in your shopping cart."
"(Excl. Tax)","(Excl. Tax)"
"(Incl. Tax)","(Incl. Tax)"
"* Required Fields","* Required Fields"
"Add New Address","Add New Address"
"Add New Condition","Add New Condition"
"Add coupon code for shopping cart","Add coupon code for shopping cart"

And a lot of extra lines, of course.

If you want to translate some key (the phrase on the left column) yo ushould have the same file into your locale directory and apply the translation on the second column.

You should find the right file (module) to apply the translation. For example: First Name, Last Name should be into the Mage_Customer file.

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Re: Translate checkout

Hello Damian Culotta


Thank you very much for your help!

The "Mage_Customer" file is already right translated (first name / last name).

But in the Checkout of my Shopper Template (first name / last name) will not be translated.


I dont know, which file i have to translate. And where i can translate the "Prefix" title in (Mr. Mrs.)

here is the url:


And how can i move the "Frist Name" field down to the "Last Name"?

Thank you very much!

Kind regards



Re: Translate checkout

Hi @mustermann7,


Maybe yout phtml file isn't using the the translation helper in the right way. You should find a line with something like:


$this->__('First name')

Then, if you need to be sure which phtml file is the one you're seeing maybe you can use the template path hints.

Área de trabajo 1_008.pngTemplate Path Hints



You can find this option in System -> Confgiruation -> Advanced -> Developer.

You will need to change the scope of the configuration, at least, to website level first, and then you'll see those options.




Once you activate the param you'll see the frontend with references/help to understand which phtml file you should edit (don't do that on a LIVE store)

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