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Translation of page (part)

Translation of page (part)

Hi All,


I've installed a new Magento server (v 1.9) after having experience with version 1.7.


Only problem for now is that I stumble upon a half part translation on the "account login" page. On the left half it says "NEW HERE?" wich should be translated to Dutch. The right side "login" is correctly translated. After spending an afternoon on searching where this page (or part) is constructed I hope somebody here can help me find the part I'm looking for.


Thanks in Advance.




Re: Translation of page (part)

As I see, this phrase refers to the Mage_Persistent extension, hence the translation should be done in its files:

Copy the file:
and translate any phrase you need.

1) Copying the file:

2) Making translation in the copied file:

3) The result:

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