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Trouble Integrating GSAP/Scrollmagic

Trouble Integrating GSAP/Scrollmagic



I'm new to Magento and am having trouble adding multiple CDNs to the head of a specific page. I'm trying to incorporate GSAP, Scrollmagic and a custom scripts file. The version I'm using is CE


I've done a fair amount of sleuthing online and have tried adding links to the Layout Update XML section of the Design tab using the reference->block->action->text->![CDATA... method. It works if I'm just using my custom script file and one CDN (TweenMax.min.js) but when I try and add multiple CDNs with this method it doesn't recognize any of them, I get an uncaught reference error in the console ("TweenMax is not defined"). I have tried adding them all within one reference tag and with each CDN within it's own reference tag. 


I'm hoping there is a simple solution to this that I'm not seeing because I'm new to the software. Here's a linkto a Fiddle with my code:


Thank you for your help!



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