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ULTRA-newbie question


ULTRA-newbie question

Hi All!

I really have NO idea what I'm doing. Our web developer recently quit and the duties have fallen to me until a replacement can be found. So I may not even be asking in the right forum (please forgive me if this is the case!)


We have two websites for our different divisions. Each one has a page where you can find listings of International Distributors. The page has a drop down menu list of country names, which when selected displays the correct information.


I went to edit one of these pages ( the other day and upon saving the page it stopped working. I know this particular page, when edited through the WYSIWYG editor, strips out a line of code that has to be manually reentered, which I had done. When I opened the page to see what was wrong it had stripped out virtually ALL of the tags on the entire page.


So using the similar page from our other site as a template (, I rebuilt all the HTML formatting with the correct information using an external editor (Brackets). When I pasted this code back into my Magento page it shows the drop down menu, but it does not do anything when selecting a country.


Honestly I only know enough to be extremely dangerous. I only have a vague notion of what I'm even doing.


Any help or pointers to resources would be very much appreciated!





Re: ULTRA-newbie question

OK, so I've managed to discover the cause of all my troubles... somehow curly quotes were being inserted into my code which made everything go haywire. After a search and replace, all is working again..


Mods please feel free to delete this thread.