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VES Page Builder Widget Overwriting Error for Magento

VES Page Builder Widget Overwriting Error for Magento

Hello Everyone, 


I'm not sure if anyone is able to help but I have had an ongoing issue with our company website. We are using the VES Page Builder extension for Magento 1 and running Magento V While making edits within Page Builder I have found that 1 out of every 5-6 changes that are made I am getting widgets that will overwrite one another. Something as simple as changing text is an "HTML Block" will end up overwriting a different block on the same page with an image that existed in a "Single Image" Block. The company who installed the extension and whom hosts our site has not been able to resolve the issue therefore I'm reaching out to see if anyone may have some ideas as to what could be causing the issue.

We have multiple caching mechanisms running on our site but these are always turned off before making any edits. Please see screen shots below for examples. I'd appreciate any advice of direction.


Our site URL is:


Thank you!


Scott L.


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Re: VES Page Builder Widget Overwriting Error for Magento

Hi @scott_lafortune,


Since that module is paid and isn't public maybe you can request support to the vendor?

If not you could need some help from people with knowing of the module.

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