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Where is the image folder?


Where is the image folder?

I posted under someone else's older post last week. However, I haven't gotten an answer so I'm starting anew. I'm using Magento Standard version 1.9 2.1 .


According to the Magento tutorial Getting Started > Basic Configuration > Storefront Branding > Uploading Your Logo --

"On the server, copy your new logo file to the images folder of your theme. For example: skin/frontend/base/default/images/logo.gif"


Two question:

1. WHERE is the image folder of my theme?

2. That path -- skin/frontend/base/default/images/logo.gif -- how do I even get there? I tried pasting it in the search bar of my Magento Admin Panel, in several different fields, and in the search area for my PC. Nothing happened and I went exactly nowhere.


Brand new newbie who installed Magento 6 days ago. I'm going through the tutorials and so far have hit two impasses. I don't want to go forward until everything works.  I've read the relevant topics in the forum but can't find an answer to these two questions. I have zero background coding.




Re: Where is the image folder?

All your image uploads should end up somewhere under /media catalog. Exact catalog name is theme specific so you need to figure it out yourself.

Tanel Raja

Re: Where is the image folder?

I called my hosting provider and finally found it.


The files are located within the website package itself (from the hosting provider) -- not on my hard drive, and definitely not on the Magento Admin panel.