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category in layered navigation

category in layered navigation



I am building two stores on Magento 2.0 using multiple website function. 


The first store is good. But, the second store doesn't show categories in the layered navigation. Does anyone know why it would work for one store but not the other? I'm using the exact same template for both stores, most the settings are identical..etc. 


Thanks in advance for the help!


Re: category in layered navigation



You can try this hint - go to Categories section, select necessary category, in tab 'Display settings' set "Is Anchor' to yes.

After that clear cache and perform reindex. Also make sure that category you want to be shown in layered navigation is not empty, as Magento hides empty categories.

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Re: category in layered navigation

Thanks for the reply. 

Yes, i had them all set to "anchor"  and I had cleared the cache and reindexed. I do have some products loaded into a handful of categories for testing. 


Just incase, I just cleared the cache again and reindexed. 


I still don't see the categories in the layered navigation... but, I still see them in the other store that  shares the same install and uses the same theme.

It's a little bit of a stumper! 

Re: category in layered navigation

Check the home page for the two stores.

Go to Admin>CMS>Pages>Home page>Preview.


I had a similar problem and noticed that the home page for the two stores was same. Changing that resolved my problem.

Re: category in layered navigation

Thanks for the suggestion. 


But I had two different home pages pointed at the correct site. 


So my problem was not resolved