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custom option affecting special price

custom option affecting special price

Hello All,


I'm back lol sorry I'm such a noob.  So here's what im trying to get done.


I Have created custom options for one of the products. I have a special price set and additionally i have a drop down option for extension length of the product use. 


How can i stop the drop down option (when chosen)  from affecting the special price. Becuase i notice everytime i choose an item from the drop down menu it adds to the special price.  How can i prevent  having the drop down option from affecting the special price?


please check for reference



Special price of the product is $14.99


item 2 from the drop down menu is $24.99


So instead of the the drop down item adding on to the $14.99 . I want it to just say $24.99  NOT $39.98.


Thank you for any support




Re: custom option affecting special price


Could you not just set it up as follows:


Product Price: £14.99

1 Year 3 PC : £0

2 Year 2 PC: £10


That would give you the pricing you're after.


If for whatever that isn't an option.. there looks to be a few plugins (search for Absolute Pricing) that will do what you want; none are free though.

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Re: custom option affecting special price