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getting rid of extra price


getting rid of extra price

so I'm working on, and on this page (and on others), on the side bar, there a re a few crutch tips for sale. It shows the regular price, but then under that one, it says "As low as: 6.99". I want to get rid of the as low as price completely. I'm just having trouble finding the source code. Thanks a lot.


Re: getting rid of extra price

Hello Nothon,


The best way is that you should search through project: "As low as". You will see this text in translation file, bundle product php, price template. If your website don't use bundle product, you can find it in price template.

In current theme, you search in the price template:



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Re: getting rid of extra price

When I went to the product file, there was no price.phtml. Would it be somewhere else?



edit: I searched in some other files and found the price.phtml wasn't under app/design/frontend/default, but app/design/frontend/base. I deleted the code for displaying the minimum price, and it seems to work. Thanks for the help! 

Re: getting rid of extra price

I don't think is good practice to remove codes . you could have just used CSS to hide that part from showing up . im new to magnento so , i wouldn't know where those stuff are at the moment , but worked with other carts and this was pretty much a way to hide things from view 

Re: getting rid of extra price

exactly what the code refers to "price from"?
Which only the rows to be deleted to ensure that it is no longer shown?
Thanks so much