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image gallery adjustments

image gallery adjustments

Hi all,


I have a page that I am trying to build which can be viewed here...


I am trying to add a few images at the top of this page that are bigger than the images currently in my gallery - the images I would like to add are of pieces that are more important than the ones in the existing gallery so I would like to make them stand out from the others.


However, every time I add a larger image, the images in the gallery also get larger or transform into a single column of images.


The images that I wish to include can be added either as a carousel or in a 2 column grid - or, alternatively, can anyone tell me how to make the images that are already in the existing gallery smaller so that the new images that I want to add seem more prominent and therefore, more important.


Many thanks in advance for your help with this.


I hope to hear from you.




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Re: image gallery adjustments

From your complaint about image gallery adjustments, I saw that you can neither add the image as you expected in the website nor put the images in a 2 column grid. It is a normal problem that many other people have faced. From my own experience, I would like to give you one of the most useful solutions to this problem. It is MAGENTO 2 IMAGE GALLERY PRO


  • Display High-Quality Image in Touch Optimized & Attractive Slideshow
  • Show Image in eye catching & lightbox
  • 100% Responsive Magento Image Gallery
  • Upload single & multiple images at once
  • Drag & Drop To Change Image & Video position
  • Quick edit image: Crop, Resize, Rotate, Flip
  • Attractive Image Slider & 3D Slider
  • Freely & Directly Edit: Image Alt Text, Title, Description
  • Create photo albums with multilevel structure
  • Display Image Gallery with Multiple Layouts
  • Link albums to related product pages
  • Create Unlimited Image Album
  • Place it anywhere with Gallery Image Widget

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Tags (3)