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price as configured bundle product


price as configured bundle product

Hello, in our template the price (as configured) of the bundle product is not changing when changing the configuration of the order. When I change to template "rwd" it is working so I suppose it lies on our template. Maybe some files missing, or do I have to change some files?


Can not contact our template-supplier, because they are gone...


Thanks in advance!

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Re: price as configured bundle product

I saw such issue in a couple of themes. The problem lies in the fact that theme vendors support simple and configurable products since it's must-have (obviously). Other product types which are not that often (bundle/grouped products) are never thoroughly tested, and you can notice many issues in various themes. That's something you always have to check before you buy a theme.


Check two things:

1. Open "developer console" in Chrome (Cmd+Alt+I on MacOS), or any other browser. Check for javascript errors in "console".

2. In "developer console", check if js/bundle.js is loaded at all in "network" tab.


That's starting point, so we can see where it will lead us further.

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Re: price as configured bundle product

@Sinisa Thank you for your reply!

But I found the solution here

By adding:

<action method="addJs"><script>varien/product_options.js</script></action>

to app/design/frontend/[Your package]/[Your default]/layout/catalog.xml it is working!