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Beta installed by accident

Beta installed by accident

Hi All,


Thanks in advance for any advice!


So, resulting from the fact that we installed a Extension that required us to put the Connect Manager Preferred State to Beta and forgetting about this... today we shown a bunch of updates to and thought, oh this must be related to the security issues, let me install them!  Thus I moved forward with the install. 


Ran into some issues with Simple.php line 49... (which we came to believe was an .htacess file issue.)  SO then that had me hunting for a solution and realized that no one was discussing and no results are showing up for this update.  Thus, I realized that we have Preferred State set to Beta.  I was finally able to "semi" sort out so the Simple.php issue was gone and the site came back, semi back. 


First, now when we go to the root it automatically goes to the downloader as the index.  Sure it's .htaccess related but not sure.  The rest of the site works, ie. if you go to a product page, admin, etc.


Second, why can't I find information on Community Edition anywhere!?  This has me worried that something else has taken place.  Ie. A hacker led Connect to download hacked files.


Again, thanks for the input.





Re: Beta installed by accident

If you have had a hacker you should review all your files.

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