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CE Error after paying with PayPal

CE Error after paying with PayPal

Hi everyone,


after updating to I get a strange error message when I pay with PayPal.

I enter my address, select delivery and payment method, get to PayPal, authorize payment, get back to order summery and finalize checkout.

The order is stored correctly in the shop and the money is transfered.

But instead of a success message I get "Unable to initialize Express Checkout"


Any ideas?


Re: CE Error after paying with PayPal

Could you please enable debuging mode under Debug Mode in adnanced settings and  upload the error log here in your question.


You can follow this answer also.

Unable to communicate with the PayPal gateway


Following taken from mentioned url:

You need to disable SSL verification. Go to the back-end, System-> Configuration-> Payment Methods and find PayPal Express Checkout. Click on the "configure" button, expand "advanced settings" and there you'll see "Enable SSL verification" option that you need to disable - turn it to "No".

P.S. If you get the same error after this actions, try to disable your Anti-virus.

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