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CE 500 Internal Error

CE 500 Internal Error

Any ideas as to why I would get a 500 internal error when updating to Last time it updated ( -> it didn't give this error though it happened automatically and this time I did it manually. I have tried a few things through my cPanel through my web host and nothing has worked. I don't see anything wrong with the .htaccess. I can access all the files through FTP, I just can't access anything of the website, and I tried a few different devices.


Re: CE 500 Internal Error

Hi @letssewllc,


You'll need to check your webserver error log. Normally an error 500 is a general error and you'll find there a message with the related problem.

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Re: CE 500 Internal Error

@Damian Culotta


Well my web host wasn't sure what was going on, but I restored the backup that I had and then updated it from my web host panel and it is working again. The only side effect is that I lost some of the orders that were there. Thankfully the orders were already fulfilled before this happened.

Re: CE 500 Internal Error

 Check the permissions of index.php before and after the upgrade.

If it was 644 before and 666 after, it'll work if you set it back to 644.

This is if your PHP handler is suPHP and you haven't configured properly the permissions of Magento Connect.

It happened few times to me. Hope that helps.


Re: CE 500 Internal Error

Hi letssewllc

There are many ways to make your site appear 500 internal error and you must debug to find the root of issue. You can find the lof file of magento in var/log/system.log var/log/exception.log besides you can check in apache log. Let me know your environment then I will support you debug.



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Crystal-Techs Solution:

Re: CE 500 Internal Error

Try tinker your .htaccess by the following :

Options +FollowSymLinks change to Options +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch