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Compatibility of extensions/plugins for Magento 2.0

Compatibility of extensions/plugins for Magento 2.0



We are planning to upgrade one of the Magento store to version 2.0, and during the first phase, were checking the compatibility of version 2.0 with following extensions/plugin which store is using. Can anyone please tell me if these are compatible? or if there is any alternate way of using them in Magento 2.0


  • AOE Scheduler --- Not Found
  • Brainvire - OrderComment --- Not Found
  • Cm_RedisSession --- Not Found
  • Creare_Exportdownloads --- Not Found
  • Dotdigitalgroup_Email --- Not Found
  • Dotdigitalgroup_Mailcheck --- Not Found
  • Dotsquares_Taxrate --- Not Found
  • Fix_FixBlockCacheInvalidated --- Not Found
  • Flagbit_ChangeAttributeSet --- Not Found
  • Mass 301 Redirects - Optimise Web --- Not Found
  • OrganicInternet_SimpleConfigurableProducts --- Not Found
  • Payserv_GoogleFinance --- Not Found
  • Phoenix_Moneybookers --- Not Found
  • Phoenix_VarnishCache --- Not Found
  • Spranks_RefreshBlockHtmlCache --- Not Found
  • ThinkEgyptian_Gridthumbs --- Not Found
  • Wee_Base --- Not Found
  • Grid Actions --- Not Found
  • XtCore --- Not Found





Re: Compatibility of extensions/plugins for Magento 2.0

Hi there,


It looks like you are using the dotmailer extension.  Good news is we do have a brand new M2 extension and we have worked on a full feature match from M1 to M2.


If you can message us your email address, or just email we will ensure you have the most up to date package available.


Many Thanks


Jonny Dixon

Re: Compatibility of extensions/plugins for Magento 2.0

No 1.x extensions will be compatible with 2.x. You will have to contact the developers and replace ALL of them.


The Magento 2.0 directory structure, internals and database schema are not compatible with 1.9x programming.