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Copyright Update madness

Copyright Update madness



running a magento shop (with a few of the patches installed) and a log of customization done. The newest Patch SUPEE-7405 did not work, even though it is vor versions to, because it uses files added in version Of course they don't exist in


So we decided we would try to update to Even though we know that this is quite some work, as always.


Now we run into a few problems:

- we deactived modules in app/etc/modules, which got reactivated. No problem with a versionning system.

- we cannot add products to carts

- we cannot log into the backend


What really (sorry to say that so directly) pisses me off is that my IDE shows nearly every file as changed. I guess for 99% it's the following change:


Copyright (c) 2006-2015


Copyright (c) 2006-2016


But of course you only see this, if you open the changed file. Instead of having a few changed files - which should make track a problem that much easier - I have to look into a lot of files just to figure out that ONLY the copyright changed.


Please, please, please make on copyright file and leave a message in every file pointing to this one copyright file. So any time you might need to change the copyright or license information or whatever you change one file and not thousands of files (my system tells me 7769 files changed). And a developer can see in his/her IDE what files really changed. 

Please, can you do that. That would make an update so much easier.


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Re: Copyright Update madness

So Magento cannot do that (believe me, multiple top developers have complained about this).


I will recommend one of these approaches here to block that out from your diff:


There are several different ways on how to do it as well.

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