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Export in Community; Import in Enterprise

Export in Community; Import in Enterprise

Is it possible to export customers/products in Community and then import into Enterprise?


I know the columns are different between them.  For customers, I was able to just add the missing 2 reward notification columns.

But for products, the differences are not trivial.


I'm hoping someone has overcome this obstacle.




Edit:  I'm going from Community to Enterprise


Re: Export in Community; Import in Enterprise



Yes, you can, but the task requires efforts


You export products from CE Then in your EE you need to create either the same category tree as in your CE or in exported file indicate categories that you have in your Magento EE.


Also before import, if your EE you need to add the same attribute sets and attributes as you have in CE.


Next thing is images - you need to copy your images from CE and put them into media/import of your Magento EE and in import file for images you need to have image name with leading slash like - /image.jpg


As you might have guessed, in Magento EE there might be other fields than in CE, so I recommend to export products from EE and compare 2 exported files (columns, header names etc)

After adjusting your file exported from CE you can import it to EE.


Moreover, if you have missed some of required for import fields, during import you will be able to check your data and Magento will inform you if any of mandatory details are missing.


To ease the task you can make use of some coding (scripts or making changes in database if you have tech skills) or use extensions (that allow to export import/ attribute sets with attributes, category tree separately and images using http links, like Store Manager for Magento extension that you can check in my signature).

Store Manager for Magento 1.x and 2.x - inventory management tool to automatically update products, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels and suppliers.