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Install - copying images

Install - copying images


I have installed a fresh on our dev. domain.
After this, I copied the magento sql db of our shop to the new sql database.

I have also copied (ftp) the images to the folder ..\media\catalog\product\....

So everything looks all right. But when I add a new image to a product, the image is saved in this folder: ...\media\tmp\product\...

How can I change this?





Re: Install - copying images

Magento at first loads all pictures into the media/tmp folder and then in the course of preservation of goods in the database, moves the picture to the folder of goods.
Your preservation of goods in the database incorrectly works at the website.
Perhaps at you defect of a subject (that is, the developer of a subject has incorrectly programmed a conclusion of pictures) or a subject doesn't support the Magento version.




Magento сначала загружает все картинки в папку media/tmp и потом в процессе сохранения товара в базу данных, перемещает картинку в папку товара.
У вас сохранение товара в базу данных неправильно работает на сайте.
Возможно у вас дефект темы (то есть, разработчик темы неправильно запрограммировал вывод картинок) или тема не поддерживает версию Magento

Re: Install - copying images

It is a clean and fresh installation of And I have nothing changed in the back-end.