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Orders lost during upgrade

Orders lost during upgrade

Hi guys I am currently slowly upgrading an old magento (Ver. up to 1.9.x. I have upgraded it to first but as the db structure has now changed in the newer versions: they use the sales_flat tables for orders, instead of sales_order. Now, i'd have thought that magento would mitigate this by including a migration of all the data in the old tables to new ones. But, I am mistaken, after the upgrade all of the orders and sales information from previous tables have not been migrated.


Am I doing something wrong?


I upgrade by making a copy of the production database, then download a fresh new copy of magento from; then in browser navigate to this fresh new copy on my test server, and install using the copy of the database. 


I have been very puzzled and even started reading line for line all of the code for upgrade and this bit alarms me:


// Remove previous tables
$tablesToDrop = array(

foreach ($tablesToDrop as $table) {
    $table = $installer->getTable($table);
    if (!$installer->tableExists($table)) {
        'DROP TABLE ' . $installer->getConnection()->quoteIdentifier($table)


In the file: mysql4-upgrade-1.3.99- This suggesting the upgrade is not doing properly, as those tables are still in my database.






Re: Orders lost during upgrade

Try following steps for the upgrade:

1. Create a copy of your current version of magento (

2. Now just Copy files of new version magento ( which you have downloaded to your copy sites.

3. Try to reload your site.