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Price issue

Price issue



Not sure if this is something that anyone can help with but before we upgraded, each main product price said " Starting from  £XXX  since the price can be quite different if they order a much larger size than the base price. 


Now, the price just shows as £XXX  - once they choose their larger size, it shows them the price is higher but some customers have complained that they have seen the base price and didn't realise it would be a higher price.


Is there an easy way to change the display so it again reads Starting at £XXX


many thanks for any help.   (We also have an issue with some configurable product options so if anyone is good at sorting those, please let me know Smiley Happy  




Re: Price issue

Hi Susan,


You should check that file   catalog/product/price.phtml is not overwrite by you theme. If so, you can copy part with "starting at" price from Base rwd theme to you  us to one.


Hope it will help you.




Magento? it's really interesting.. BroSolutions like it Smiley Happy

Re: Price issue

Hi Alex,


Thanks for your help.  I will certainly try that ..... once I find where catalog/product/price.phtml is - I am not a developer so it takes me a while to find new things Smiley Happy


Thanks again