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Problems after update

Problems after update



My shop was upadated 1 year ago from a really old version (from 2009) to a newest version (March 2014). After the upadate I've been having so many problems with using the shop and I dont understand if the reason is an upadate not made correctly or just due to the huge leap from the really old version to the new version. Here are the problems that I'm still dealing with:

- Are not able to modify all the main categories, ie. cannot change the category names or products within them, Magento just does not update the changes I make in the admin

- Are not able to modify the statistic blocks. ie. just adding simple text from the Magento admin to an existing block

- Often problems with discounting products, the correct price does not update

- Google Analytics are not working, the code is in the Admin but it does not register anything. Before the upadate it worked just fine.


I 'm a bit late with these corrections and have not been working much lately but now i'd need to put these things into a place as it seems everytime I want to change something it just does not work. I think these problems are related to the update as before it I didnt have these ever but I need to know is it the Magento version that I'm using causing the problems or an upadate not made well. If you can give me any idea would be apreciated. The site is


Thanks againSmiley Happy


Re: Problems after update

Your Magento is not updated properly. Try to upload default file from the same version of Magento which you are using currently. It will help you.

Re: Problems after update

This might also be the reason that the version you are trying to update is not supportive as per the shop or their might an installation and updating issue. 


Try new version installation once again and read the configuration terms and go with that system.

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