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Stuck with Installation wizard after Update


Stuck with Installation wizard after Update

Hi everyone,

Im kinda stuck  here!


This morning I updated 3 websites, from CE to, using the connect manager.

2 websites were absolutley fine.

Now, the 3rd website gives me headaches. In the update process it stuck on one of the packages being updated (sadly, I did not take note which one). Now, no matter which site I am trying to reach, it always redirects me to where I see myself confronted with the installation wizard.

Now, the next weird thing is, this installation wizard is always beginning at the 5th step ("Download").


I have no idea what has happened, any suggestions?


Thank you in advance



Re: Stuck with Installation wizard after Update

This morning I cloned the website and ran the installation wizard step "download". It seemed that this just finished the installtion of the patch, as the cloned site is updated and running just fine.

So I wanted to do the same thing on the original site and this time it just continued the installation process.

I'll keep grinding and let you know if I get to solve this. Hints be welcomed!



Re: Stuck with Installation wizard after Update

Okay, actually just following the installation wizard did the trick.


I just filled the information with the existing information and that seemed to have worked out. I am not sure if the installation wizard is made that way, but if some hint would be nice. I was kinda worried to overwrite everything.