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Tips to upgrade 1.5.1 to latest release?

Tips to upgrade 1.5.1 to latest release?

I applied patch successfully in Magento, thanks to Sherrie and to Magento developers.


I will try to upgrade to latest magento version when the shop will be closed for vacation.

Any good tutorial for such a massive work? I know it's a bit off topic but I guess every one reading this thread will be interested.


Since I edited core files, I'm looking for an import/export procedure or tool (at least products and categories) which could be the easiest way to upgrade.



Re: SUPEE-6285 - 1.4.1 / 1.5

Hi teokolo,


Not specific to those versions, but maybe this is useful:


Have a great day,


Re: SUPEE-6285 - 1.4.1 / 1.5



It's actually pretty easy. Tackle your upgrade in two parts, the filesystem and the database.



The easiest approach is to install a brand new clean install of Magento, then add your theme and extensions on top with the original /app/etc/local.xml file and /media/ directory. I understand the core was "hacked" and that really requires a lot more explaining, so my advice is to go clean and port whatever customizations you can.



After you replace the core files and clear any caches, setup scripts will upgrade your database tables.. it could take a while. In fact you may have to compete with timeout issues, so be prepared to have to backup and restart several times. If you have issues upgrading it could be one of two things: 

  1. Your tables are corrupt somehow. The solution is to run the database repair tool found in downloads section on
  2. You may have to leapfrog versions, 1.5 -> 1.7 then 1.7 -> 1.9


Word of warning: It's best to upgrade your Magento core all the way through without any extensions. After you confirm magento is upgraded, then install your extensions. (You might still have issues without your extensions installed, but you'll most likely have fewer than if you go all at once).



Also, for those looking to minimize the downtime from long upgrades, I highly recommend checking out the replay script: I was able to squash a 20hr ce -> ee upgrade down to under 1hr.

Re: SUPEE-6285 - 1.4.1 / 1.5

Thank you for the blog post, Fabrizio.


Your insight into Magento issues, performance fix recommendations and other ideas have proved really helpful over the time I've been working with Magento.


I will be running through the recommendations in that blog post to see how well I recovered from a less than optimal implementation by a former developer we partnered with. Some of the code rewrite was Epic and not in a good way.


Hopefully this upgrade session will be much better than previous, a test run had our database convert to without the usual crash. Fingers crossed!

Re: Tips to upgrade 1.5.1 to latest release?

There are many solution to upgrade magento 1.5 to the higher version of Magento. A lot of e-merchants choose magento upgrade 1.5 to 1.9. Because, comparing with Magento 2, Magento 1.9 has friendly interface with Magento 1.5 users. If people seek help from an automated solution, you can choose magento upgrade 1.5 to 1.9 with Cart Migration - Lit, a provider of shopping cart migration tool.

Re: Tips to upgrade 1.5.1 to latest release?

At that time, eStore can upgrade magento 1.5 to magento 2 - the new version of Magento. It is a migration process from magento 1 to magento 2. Magento users can read new features of magento 2 with newest version 2.2. Magento 2 uses Command Line. Upgrade Magento 2 is not easy. In my opinion, you can try with Magento upgrade 1.5 to 1.9 firstly and upgrade to magento 2 in the right time.