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Update Magento 1.7 to 1.9 issue on backoffice menu

Update Magento 1.7 to 1.9 issue on backoffice menu



I have an issue on magento 1.9 after an update from my shop in 1.7.

Before updating I made sure that core changes left by previous developpers were moved to local (for code) specific theme for layout/template.


I have deactivated all the custom and community modules and switch to the default theme.
Then I have copied and paste the files from the version 1.9 into my website (i was in GIT).
I thought everything was fine but I connected to the backoffice and there is no more menu in the backoffice.
I have deactivated both css and js merge in database in case of, check the permissions of the user and clean the cache of course (both session and cache) and make sure i had no compilation enabled. But still, I have absolutely no menu in the backoffice, though the backoffice dashboard looks fine and i can access product page from the dashboard links but no menu on the top of the screen. I would like to know if you already saw this kind of problem or if you can give me a clue on what is happening.

Also to test i have rename local folder to "local-dev" just to make sure i was using original files from v1.9 and no custom files. still not working.

please let me know if any of you have had the same problems.

Thanks a lot

Re: Update Magento 1.7 to 1.9 issue on backoffice menu



Use this, It will help you:


UPDATE  `[your_magento_database_name]`.`core_config_data` SET  `value` =  '0' WHERE  `core_config_data`.`path` =`dev/js/merge_files`;
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