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Update to...

Update to...

I'm a beginner and need help. My site has been hacked due to my host through my Magento
I do not know how to update modules and core site  - could anybody help - please?

Have changed ftp and admin password and reestablished site from backup.


BR Lise/Denmark


Re: Update to...


 The Best way to upgrade Magento is using Connect Manager. But keep in mind that when you are trying to upgrade at that time the file which are not same in new version that files are being changed, so your customization you have done in such type (core Magento files) of file will be overwritten from that file. So take backup before Upgrading the Magento.

 Please do it on test environment first. If all looks good you perform the same on production or migrate the code from your test/staging environment to production.


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Re: Update to...

Hi @lisea


Hopefully, by now you have resolved your issue. If you have been hacked I would advise against just rolling the passwords and upgrading as a solution. Especially if you were hacked on the server.  If they gained access to the root then you will struggle to know if you are ever secure.


In this situation, we would create a new server / droplet / vps whichever you may be using and restore from a recent backup, upgrade and make sure you are secure. We'd then get rid of the old server. Most hosting providers we work with are very helpful in this situation.


A quick scan with will give you an idea if may have missed anything.


Once you are on the new server do as @hellotaran advises and update through connect.

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Re: Update to...

Thanks a lot - we have already done that:-)