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Updating from to -- SITE DOWN

Updating from to -- SITE DOWN

I'm very discouraged. 

Updated Magento from to using the Magento Connect site.  

Now, my site i giving me 500 errors across the board.   Nothing is coming online at all. 


I'm currently on hold at Godaddy, suffering through their terrible 'on-hold' music hoping that they have any clues, but I doubt they will.  



Re: Updating from to -- SITE DOWN

Changing code on live site is not a smartest move ever. But ...


This is PHP error. What do log files say (Magento project var/log folder)?

Tanel Raja

Re: Updating from to -- SITE DOWN

This tool will remove your worries. I used it to migrate from Magento 1.8 to 1.9.2 without any errors and fortunately with no downtime, my site still run normally when migrating .Highly recommend . Check out it here