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Upgrade 2.2.0 CE to 2.2.1 CE


Upgrade 2.2.0 CE to 2.2.1 CE


Trying to upgrade to latest edition on magento 2 and then got to step 3 after ready-ness checks were all ok. Then could not proceed with update due to the following? Don't know if it makes any difference but i am not using luma template but ultimo as i notice the sub folder below is luma?


Step 3: Create Backup

Completed! You need to resolve these issues to continue.
Backup failed

Error received from server:
Warning: stat(): stat failed for /home/luxuriou/public_html/Backup/pub/static/frontend/Magento/luma/en_US/Magento_Catalog/js/compare.js in /home/luxuriou/public_html/vendor/magento/framework/Archive/Tar.php on line 324


Re: Upgrade 2.2.0 CE to 2.2.1 CE

Hi @luxuriousloook,


Can you check if the documentation recomendation helps?

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Re: Upgrade 2.2.0 CE to 2.2.1 CE


I am no expect with Magento as new to it, but cant see anything obvious.

Filer permissions also set to either 0777 or 0755.


Re: Upgrade 2.2.0 CE to 2.2.1 CE

Got passed that stage, deleted all old backups on server and then re-created new.

This now works but guess what i am now stuck on the next and final page.

When upgrading the page just hangs and states the following:

Process extensions Status:

Update pending

Console Log:


Any ideas?

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Re: Upgrade 2.2.0 CE to 2.2.1 CE

Just to let you know after a 15 minute delay the system came to life and installed the upgrade.

Just need to be patent on the upgrade i suppose as it seems nothing is happening for ages.

Smiley Happy