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Upgrade Magento website ( to Latest version (

Upgrade Magento website ( to Latest version (

Hey everyone

This is the link of my website .
I want to update it to latest version.Currently i am using as it  shows in admin footer.
I want my magento website to be update in Latest version that is  ver .
I have  found a solution via  Magento Connect Manager .
According to  solution the Mage_All_Latest option is need to be updated ,but when i click on Check for updates its shows that we are already using Latest version ( ,no update available for Mage_All_Latest.
But the issue is that it is still showing older version in Footer in admin panel.
Kindly help me out.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Upgrade Magento website ( to Latest version (


It seems like your store is not fully upgraded. Please check for upgrades in magento Connect Manager and select all options which is available for update and submit.


Your app/Mage.php is still not updated to new and due to that its showing old version.



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