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Upgrade from 1.6 to

Upgrade from 1.6 to

Hello Magento Communuty,

We have big problem since we apply the new magento update

We have 2 stores, 2 adress, the main is site1 and the other is site2. Every thing was working correctly before.. But now, only one store working... I see on my index.php and my .htacces that the file has ben modified since the upgrade. I try to put the same old file that I have on backup, but notiing seam to be working. Everybody have an idea what to do? thank you


Re: Upgrade from 1.6 to

Hi @Geremy,


That kind of upgrade could be a major upgrade (of course).

Probably you store isn't working properly with the old files becasue the database was upgraded too (at least you were able to restore the old database too).

Normally this kind of processes are tested on staging DEV and STAGING environments. If you are working with your LIVE store maybe you should get some qualified support to start to fix any possible error.


Maybe you can start looking here: